• Breakfast
  • Pancakes (crepes)

    Anything better than pancakes for breakfast? I don’t think so. The trouble is actually getting up in time to make them. For that reason, they are not a staple in our morning routine (though we do indulge in them from time to time for dinner – btw, anything better than breakfast for dinner??). So, what […]

    Overnight Berry Oatmeal
  • Breakfast
  • Overnight Berry Oatmeal

    Did you know oatmeal is good for your health? A bowl of oatmeal a day can lower your blood cholesterol, its high content of complex carbohydrates and water-soluble fibre encourages slow digestion and it is also high in B vitamins. Oats are also very good for your nails & hair. The most commonly used oats […]

    Honey Porridge
  • Breakfast
  • Honey Porridge with Banana

    Is there anything more satisfying in winter than a bowl of hot creamy oats for breakfast? Drizzled with honey and topped with a banana it is the equivalent of a comfort food. What is the difference between porridge and oatmeal? Porridge is made by boiling oats in water or milk and is a hot dish. […]