The FTC requires all bloggers to disclose how they earn income on their sites.  This is our disclosure.

While everyone can read all the blog posts on www.vibrantplate.com for free, we still earn a little bit of money from various sources. These sources are:

  1. We display ads on the website and through that, we earn commissions from the partners that supply the ads.
  2. We participate in affiliate programs through various partners.  This means that some of the links on the website are so-called affiliate links. If you click on them and purchase the linked product we get paid a small percentage of the sale. This does not affect your purchase price – it remains exactly the same for you.
  3. Another way we make money is through product placement. If a blog post mentions any products that are part of the product placement program we will disclose this on the top of the post. We do not endorse products that we would not use ourselves.
  4. If we do a review, we might get the products to sample for free.  We will write our honest review on the products.  Again, we would not review something favorably if we didn’t believe in the product ourselves.

We reserve the right to modify this page, so please make sure to check it from time to ensure you are happy with the changes.

This page was last changed on 23rd of January 2017.

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