Naked Cakes
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  • Learning how to Bake Naked Cakes

    So apparently, naked cakes are a thing, right? There is something extremely beautiful in the simplicity of their looks. In fact, naked cakes are one of the easiest cakes to make. They don’t need to look perfect and can handle a bit of messiness. Or clumsiness. So, ideal for me. And yet, up until now, I […]

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  • October Favorites

    Who would have ever said back in January, when I started this blog, that I would still be doing it 10 months later. Although I was very determined back then and had a whole scenario ready in my head, I maybe secretly thought I would give up sooner. But here we are, still kicking, with plenty more […]

    the vibrant plate
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  • Welcome to the Vibrant Plate!

    Hello and welcome, fellow culinary enthusiast. The Vibrant Plate is still new and developing, but we aim to provide you with interesting blog posts about food, mainly, but also photography, travel and life. Our philosophy is to provide good-tasting food that does not require a lot of effort to make (who has time to waste??) […]