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  • Sunny Apricot Dumplings

    Potato dumplings are simply delicious. It is a simple meal that takes me right back to childhood. Our favourite are plum dumplings, but they are only now coming in season. Back when these photos were taken, apricots were ripening. And that is the beauty of dumplings. You can fill them with almost anything you like. […]

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  • Take me Back to Spain Paella

    Hello,┬álovelies. It’s summer here and my thoughts are drifting towards vacation, the┬ásea, and good food. About this time last year, we were travelling the lovely island of Mallorca where we first came face to face with a dish that has captured my mind ever since – the paella. Now, bear in mind, I have never […]

    Summer Orzo Soup
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  • Summer Orzo Soup

    I am a soup lover. I love soup of almost any kind. In wintertime and spring, I make hearty barley and lentil soups, or a clear beef stock soup with noodles, in autumn there are pumpkin or roasted cauliflower soups…. and summer brings light vegetable soups, such as zucchini or tomato soup, and vegetable┬áminestrones. With […]

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  • Bruschetta

    What is a Bruschetta? This is a traditional Italian antipasto (or starter meal) of toasted bread sprinkled with olive oil, rubbed with garlic and topped with tomatoes. It’s a simple meal, ideal for hot summer days when the idea of cooking anything sounds repelling. If you are spending the day outside grilling, just place a […]

    Zucchini Lasagna Rolls
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  • Zucchini Lasagna Rolls // Gratinirani Bu─Źkini Zvitki v Paradi┼żnikovi Omaki

    This post was created for @Lidl Slovenija. Please scroll down for English Version with Recipe. ———- Malo je┬ápromocijskih aktivnosti ali nagradnih iger, ki mi “zapojejo”. Ko sem videla izziv, ki ga je postavil @Lidl Slovenija za blogerje, pa me je takoj pritegnilo. Skuhati kosilo za 4 osebe za manj kot 10 eur, izklju─Źno iz Lidl […]